1. Double par maximum score. Please pickup your ball once you have hit a double par maximum score. On a part 3 this is a score of 6, par 4 is a score of 8, and par 5 is a score of 10.

  2. Lateral hazards. If any ball enters a hazard, please make your drop from where you assume the ball ended up... not from where the ball entered the hazard. Make your drop up to 2 club lengths no closer to the hole and take a one-shot penalty.

  3. Lost balls. 3 minute max to look for lost balls. If a ball is lost in deep rough or trees, please only spend a maximum of one minute looking for your ball. Otherwise, please make your drop laterally with a penalty shot.

  4. Ready Golf! Each golfer within a group is allowed to take his/her swing when each member of the group is ready to play. If you reach your ball and are ready to hit, while other members of your group are not yet prepared, then go ahead and hit - even if you are not away.

  5. Gimme putts allowed provided all playing partners agree. If your putt is less than the length from your putter head to the beginning point of your grip (usually 2-2.5 feet) then you can pick up your ball and count that putt good automatically.

Kinsmen Golf-There is beauty in the brotherhood of golf!


Consideration for other players- Arrive at least 10 minutes early to the first tee for your tee time to ensure we are all teeing off at the correct times. If you are running late to the course you will need to meet up with your group at the spot they are at... we cannot hold groups on the tee for late arrivals.


When playing, show consideration to other player. Make sure to not have your electronic device cause any distractions on the course. If there is a group in front of you, don’t crowd them at the tee box or tee your ball before their play is completed. When putting, don’t stand in front of or on someone else’s line.


Pace of play-  Make sure to keep a good pace.  Try to play ready golf as much as possible.


Care of the Course- If your play involved a bunker, smooth out any holes or footprints within the sand. If a rake is available, use it. Take care of the green. Even if you did not create the divot, do your best to fill it in. Golfers with handicap flags will be permitted to drive to within 20 feet from the greens otherwise carts should get no closer than 20 feet to the tee box or putting green.  Read and follow all signs and notices on the course. Some may involve restrictions of where you can drive your golf cart.


Attire- Kinsmen are gentlemen and always follow the dress code for the couse that we play on. 

  1. What does the $200.00 Membership Fee Cover?

Kinsmen paraphernalia, awards, and administrative/operating costs.


  1. Typical golf course fees?

The courses that we play typically have green fees ranging from $45-$65. There are occasional outliers but we always try to juggle finding really good courses with reasonable green fees.



  1. Myrtle Beach Golf Trip Information?

Visit our dedicated webpage for info,



  1. Are golfers expected to play in each bi-weekly event to be eligible for the club Championship?

It’s not mandatory to play in every event to qualify for the club championship. Kinsmen accumulate points throughout the season. The midseason tournament and championship weekends are events where the opportunity to accumulate points is greatly increased (double). Kinsmen get the control and flexibility to see a real time season long leaderboard.



  1. Are the points based off Flight and Stable-ford rules used to level the field?

The skill level of our membership varies. We have golfers who have a low to moderate handicap, a few who are higher handicappers but the majority of the rest of the group being moderate in skill level.

We have two flights of golfers. The flights are determined by your handicap. Don’t worry if you don’t have a handicap yet. The digital online golf scheduler and calculation APP we utilize, allows us to quickly award you a handicap after a few rounds of golf played (3 rounds).Also, previous played score cards (3 rounds) can help create a starting handicap for you.


At each tournament, throughout the season points are awarded to member contestants for.

  • Individual stroke play for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place

  • Stable-ford

  • Longest drives

  • Closest to the pin



  1. What days of the week are the tournaments played on? 

All of our events are either on Saturday or Sunday. We alternate between those two days consequently you can expect to have one event per month on a Sunday. We also try not to schedule events on holiday weekends such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day weekend. Our 2022  schedule is on our website. 


Please note that Kinsmen are always golfing even on weekends that we do not have a tournament event.   One of the hidden benefits about being a Kinsmen is that you always have playing partners.   Our GroupMe chat will put out invitations on our non-competition weekends and opportunities to golf with Kinsmen on some weekdays.  



  1. Are there weekly prizes? 




  1. Is there a end of the year champion or regular season champion? 

At the end of the season we crown champions for the season long points winner in each of our flights.  We also award trophies to those who have finished second and third in their respective flights.